Bushika Cooperative Uganda - Organic and Slow Food Raw Coffee

Location Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda
Typical harvest September to December (main crop)
Availability current: 180 sacks washed available FCA Bremen
future: any delivery term, 1000+ sacks organic & fairtrade, 2000+ sacks non-organic
Quality washed, other processings on request
83-87 points; chocolate, citric
Certification Slow Food, Organic, Fairtrade


Why Choose Bushika?

True to its slogan "Quality is our speciality", Bushika's mission is to mobilise farmers to collectively produce high quality Arabica coffee.
Bushika's core values are openness, honesty, transparency, social responsibility and caring for others. The cooperative's commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in its certifications. In 2022, 319 farmers were Fair Trade certified and in 2023, 374 farmers were certified organic.
The cooperative has experienced significant membership growth, expanding from 33 organisations and 2,600 farmers in 2015-2016 to 45 organisations and 4,875 farmers today, with 1,889 farmers actively involved in the coffee value chain.

Bushika has achieved several milestones, including the development of office premises and a coffee processing plant (currently under construction), the purchase of a 10-tonne truck, the installation of a mini-washing station and the establishment of storage facilities. Future plans include improving quality management, developing their own export capabilities and completing their own dry mill.

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